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Community is a neighborhood and it’s a family. It’s a state and it’s a whole nation. In Maine, community is everything.

The Hemp community in Maine is one of the strongest in the world and we want to share that with like minded, ethical & visionary people. Hard work, transparency, pride, and a refusal to cut corners is what guides us. That what is so special about being a part of something bigger, its how we learned these values.

Better CBD Isolate standards aren’t something we invented, its a minimum basic standard here in Maine. We want people of the entire world to benefit from our company practices while challenging and encouraging the industry to walk with us towards ouor goals. Not just better standards industry wide, but also better understanding for the consumer of how CBD can help you and how to wade through a market of little transparency.

For all that the community of Maine has given us, we commit to giving back through donations to non-profits, to individuals, and test studies for continued education into the benefits of this amazing compound found in the world’s most versatile plant.

We also look forward to employing people from the Hemp community to join us in our mission of purity to help raise up our community and to bring together some of the best scientific and farming minds of our time.

Join us in our mission of purity.